Prime Rib Beef Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

You can feed a crowd at your Pit with this fire roasted Boneless Beef Ribeye. And it’s real easy to cook up while tossing some shoes, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.


Prime Rib Beef Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys — 25 Comments

  1. @BarbecueWeb You said it! I went to Target the otherday cause they had clearance on supplies. I talked with the clerk & they told me they sold ribs & showed me a prepacked sauces drenched already cooked excuse.
    -NO, nonono!!!
    The slab I bought from Ralph that took 6hrs to smoke today & didn’t have microwave directions, those are ribs!
    & yes, Ralph takes good care of his regulars!

  2. Four awesome classics of all bbqpitboy vids:

    1. The commentary voice;
    2. cutting meat with a machete
    3. men constantly showing their approval of the meat with thumbs ups;
    4. “You smell that? it smells guuuuuddd!”

    lol. awesome

  3. I get just as much pleasure watching you all as much as the cooking, keep it up and warm wishes from Down Under from the BBQ Queen in our house :)

  4. it looks a lot alike with one of our traditional meal, oltu(cağ) kebab. Do you know it bbq pit boys? i think you do.

  5. Where the hell you guys been? Don’t ever take that much time to post a vid, again. I was having withdraws……

  6. this is top cuisine, no bullshit!! thanks bbq pit boys. Cheers from Mexico city, big fan of your channel here.

    can u smell dat!!?

  7. Delicious food. I prefer your videos with more food porn, less horseshoes, etc. A little goes a long way. I never tire of watching the food roast, steam, drip, drizzle, etc. Your food is the best. You should be on the Food Network tv.

  8. Once again an outstanding production. Thanks!! Ya know, people grill all over the world, but BBQ is something distinctly (and proudly) American. Thanks for keeping the tradition going and helping out us who aren’t as talented as you guys are. Beer, beef and brotherhood. What could be better!!

  9. @SeattleMark1979 its brotherhood getting away from the everyday dont want women there ruining you great time with women

  10. Who is the maker of the spit roaster used in the video? I have tried to find the mfg. using the limited info in the video with no luck.. They should be paying you…

  11. More like Every vegematics in the world were harmed after the posting of this video

  12. @BarbecueWeb Started doing just that after watching your vids. Love the idea that I can actually buy meat cuts the way that I want it, rather than buying what the gorcery store shoves down our throat…keep it up Boys…