How much steak is safe to give my dog?

I’ve brought some T-bones from the local butcher for my dogs, I’ve purchase 2kg which is probably too much to give them in one sitting, but they like steak- and I don’t see them very much, so it’s a treat. I’ve got a fully grown labrador and a great dane- so I got one KG each.
Also, how much should I cook it, or shouldn’t I bother?

So how much should I give them today?


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  1. sorry to break up the party but the other people advising you about not feeding your dogs steak are either cat owners or rabbit owners.

    Dogs are carnivores, they crave meat. the reason your dogs will get ‘sick’ is that you havent given them a lot of meat before maybe? If you buy meat from the market, you can give it to them regularly.

    I have a 20 kg dog and he will easily eat 600g so 1kg should be fine for your dogs, but you should build up to it. if you give them manufactured dog food or pellets, they are probably getting about 10% less of real meat, which essentially is criminal. The companies make profit from feeding your dogs rubbish.

    Tell me the last time you saw a dog grazing a wheat or a rice field instead of wanted to hunt kill and eat an animal and you will see why they need meat. It is true that meat is high in protein, but that is what they evolved to eat. Sure some breeds can be sensitive, and some breeds cant eat certain meats too well such as pork, because pigs are not readily available in large volumes to wolves.

    If you cook meat you destroy many health giving enzymes, but that is better than not feeding them meat at all and may be a softer introduction to their real diet. Yes take the bones out, and slowly introduce them to some offal like liver and kidney and heart as this is what a wolf would naturally get from the whole animal.

    Good luck, and dont believe the manufacturers profit driven hype …

  2. It really isn’t a good idea. Steak isn’t the complete and balanced diet dogs need. There is a beef recall now for contamination, so I would cook them at least the minimum for human consumption. Then cutoff a little and add to their food every day until it is gone.

  3. I’d not give it all at once to your dogs, especially if they are not used to having steak. By all means feed it raw, provided you know the source, and it’s still fresh, but I’d chop a few pieces into their regular food rather than giving them a meal of steak alone.

  4. You are very lucky to be able to give your dog beef. Mine gets violently sick after eating anything more than a few leftovers.

    Remove the bones, put the steak on a grill rack in a fan oven at 180C for 18 minutes if it is 1" thick. Less time if smaller. Or fry/grill for 12-15 minutes.

    It would be wise just to add some of the steak as a topping to their regular food over a couple of days.

  5. Oh boy I hope you don’t have a Great Dane because you can make them sick from too much steak.
    I own Great Danes and meat has a lot of protien and Danes do not need much. You can actually give them the diarreha if you feed the Dane meat raw or cooked.
    you can mix it into their food but 2kg alone is too much.
    Treating the dogs to good food is ok to some extent but not a large amt.

  6. It’s fine to give it to them raw, they’ll probably like it more. Dogs naturally eat mainly meat. If your dogs usually have a diet with very little meat or mainly biscuits, it could be wise to give them a little with their food each day in order to avoid overwhelming them, as some dogs are sensitive to rapid diet changes.
    If you do want to cook it make sure you remove the bone before you give it to them because cooked bone is bad for dogs, it can splinter and damage their digestive tract.

    How much you give them today depends how many times you want to treat them, they’ll enjoy a little bit or even a lot :)
    If you want to treat dogs on a budget, they love frozen turkey and chicken necks.
    Your dogs are lucky to have such a loving owner